5 Best External Hard Drives Toshiba

5 Best External Hard Drives

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In fact it is rather difficult for us to determine the best external hard drive from the best. In general, all ‘branded’ external hard drives have an above-average quality that is just as great. The only differentiator is the design and price, plus the fanaticism of certain brands.

To make it easy, here are the criteria we use in determining the order in this post:

  1. Price: because everything is branded, then price becomes important factor for us in determining best choice from best.
  2. Features: certain advantages can make the hard disk position better than others. This factor is also included in the consideration.

Here we show the order of 5 best external hardisk starting from the best:

1. Hitachi Touro

The price difference that is quite a lot cheaper than other brands makes us choose Hitachi Touro as the winner. For us, Hitachi’s big name is enough to provide quality assurance. Not to mention a long 3 year warranty that will make anyone quiet when using it.

5 Best External Hard Drives Touro

Take a look at Hitachi Touro’s external hard drive review here.

Or buy a Touro Hard Drive directly here.

2. Seagate Expansion

In addition to affordable prices, the availability of a complete Seagate Expansion from HD size of 2.5 to 3.5 inches with a capacity of 4TB to make this external hard drive is a runner up.

5 Best External Hard Drives Seagate

Check out the Seagate Expansion review here
Or buy Seagate Expansion directly here.

3. Western Digital Elements

WD Elements is next. This external hard drive has advanced features that secure data automatically through the accompanying software. In addition, the design and durability are no longer in doubt.

5 Best External Hard Drives Western Digital Element

Read the full review of WD Elements here
Or buy WD Elements directly here.

4. Toshiba Canvio Connect

One of the hardback external hardback for you who have high mobility. No kidding because of its brand-new technology proven to withstand the impact that is usually very vulnerable to a hard disk device.

5 Best External Hard Drives Toshiba

Check out the complete review of Toshiba external hard drive here.
Or buy Toshiba Canvio Connect directly here.

5. Adata PHD

This hard drive is in the order of bloated not because it is not good, but lost slightly in terms of price and features compared with the above 4. However, for you who are concerned with the look, design uni Adata PHD no opponent.

5 Best External Hard Drives Adata PHD

Read the full review of Adata PHD here
Or buy Adata PHD directly here.

Hopefully the above info useful for you who are looking for the best external hard drive!

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