Toshiba External Hard Drive Review

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Toshiba HDD External presents several variants that you can choose according to your needs. From the thinnest to the great shock-resistant to the newest technology. In this post, we will discuss two variants of external quality hard drive from Toshiba in detail.

Toshiba HDD Slim

It is one of the thinnest external hard drives in the world. Its thickness is only 9mm only. In addition, the design of this external hard drive is very cool with aluminum and a stylish shape makes it look elegant. Of course this thinness makes the weight becomes very light, suitable for you enter in the bag.

Toshiba External Hard Drive Review

Choose this type if you want to get a slim & stylish external HD:
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Toshiba Canvio Connect

For those of you who are concerned with security issues and often careless, Canvio is a pretty interesting option. Equipped with load ramp technology, this hard drive is quite resilient and always keep your documents safe. This hard drive supports Plug & Play connectivity.

Toshiba External Hard Drive Review 2

Choose this type if you’re concerned about shake-ups:

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Congratulations to choose!

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